My Weight Loss

Sunday, July 31, 2011

It's THAT kind of weekend

Well, yesterday was my third day back on my program. I was feeling awesome. Then I realized we had been invited to a family fish fry. Now what was I going to do? Well the old me would have chalked that up as an excuse to eat bad ALL day. But I wasn't going to do that. I went through my day very well, even had a salad for lunch. We went to the fish fry and I drank a water first thing. But I was still hungry. When it was time to eat, I fixed my plate with fried catfish, huspuppies, cole slaw and potato salad. It was all very good! It's rare that we get to eat that kind of meal. I did make the choice to eat off the dessert table. It was all very good. I will spare you the details of what was on it, but like I said it was all very yummy. Beer and sweet tea were there for the taking but I drank diet coke. Overall, it wasn't the best day as far as eating goes, but the fish fry counted as my lunch, dinner, and snack.

Today, I got back on schedule. We are suppposed to meet our Life Group at the park this evening for a little cookout. We are going to have hotdogs and chips. It's going to be great because I have not been able to take the kids to the park all summer. It's been way too hot! I am looking forward to getting together with everyone. I haven't quite decided what I am going to do about eating. I might eat before I go or wait till I get back. Or I might just go ahead and eat a hotdog. The important thing is that I am going to go and be social. Life will always have temptations. I can't always hide inside the house, nor do I want to. Yeah, it's the weekend of social events and temptations, but it's all going to be ok! :)

Friday, July 29, 2011


That's what it feels like anyway. You go through life and one day someone snaps a picture. You look at it thinking "that's not it?" Yeah. That's you alright. You were busy with life and never stopped to realize that you were getting bigger and bigger. It happened overnight. I think that's why all of us "fat" people want it to come off just as quickly. Too bad life doesn't work like that. There are no "easy" buttons...thanks a lot Staples!

I had a picture taken of me at a friend's daughter's birthday party in 2009. I was absolutely shocked when I saw it. There was no way I was that big! I didn't see that person when I looked in the mirror. After having my second child in 2010, I decided I finally had enough. I was 220 pounds. Unfortunately, I cannot blame pregnancy on that either. I lost my pregnancy weight (which was only 20 pounds). I needed help. I had seen a new Jenny Craig commercial with a skinny Sara Rue! Holy Moly! She looked so great! So I called Jenny in September 2010.

I was scrict on the program and made wonderful progress! I didn't cheat the slightest bit during the holidays. That was HUGE! Everything was going pretty good until the spring semester was winding down. Finals were coming! I think I failed to mention I am an emotional eater! So the more stressed I get, the more I eat! This is the same way with me being happy too! It's a lose-lose situation. Anyway, I signed up for summer classes. That brought on some uncharted-stress-territory! I gave up on me. So I was SEVEN pounds from my goal of 140 pounds a few months ago, and have gained almost TWENTY pounds back. sucks. But, instead of dwelling on it, I am going to get over it. I can do this. I have the tools to do it, and I will be successful. I am going to take it one meal at a time!