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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pictures in the Park, Mexican, and Tomorrow's Weigh In

I am convinced I have the most handsome little boy around! We went to the park today for the second photo shoot of his first year pics. They turned out so well. I just want to get more and more taken. My friend that did them is leaving the end of September. I am going to get her to do some pics of both the kids before she leaves, possible even some family pics. I don't know yet. It was another hot day, but went in the evening. It was still hot, because the sweat was just pouring down my face. It would've been worse earlier in the day though. Now, it's just trying to go through and figure out what size of each picture do I want? Everyone is having a fit, so I will probably be ordering quite a few.

So I don't know what has been going on with me today, but I have been wanting some Mexican food. I have some JC chicken fajitas, but I wanted to go out and have some Mexican. husband and I did just that. I have been doing really good. Some cravings are easy to kick, and some aren't. I had cheese dip, chicken quesadilla, and a margarita. When I do bad, I do it well! It was all very good. I know I probably should have made some healthier choices. I didn't have dessert room! :)

So tomorrow is my first weigh in since I have been fully back on my JC plan! I was 166 last week. I am a JC Direct customer. There are no centers near me, so I get to use my own scale and wear what I want! I don't talk to my JCC until tomorrow night. I hope I have done well enough to come down some. I haven't been able to get in any exercise. I hope that will all change next week. I seriously need some exercise back in my life! I miss it!

Well stay tuned for tomorrow's weigh in. I will post my blog in the morning since I will be on the road in the late AM. I will be out of touch until Sunday. So hopefully I will have lots to talk about! Hope everyone is doing well!

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